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Founded by HR executive and thought leader, Sonia La Penna, HR Synergy Consulting are Brisbane-based HR advisors helping businesses to create an innovative culture that works in harmony.

You see, leadership, people and strategy need to work in synergy for organisations to adapt and thrive in our ever changing (and sometimes out-right chaotic) environment.

Once in synergy a business can go from mediocre to outstanding, creating industry thought-leaders and teams filled with people who genuinely love what they do – and who they do it for.

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What we can do for you

Our HR consultancy services are for businesses who are looking for expertise in evaluating, designing and delivering HR initiatives that will support the direction of their business, now and in the future.

We achieve this by providing:

  • IMPACT – first 100 days coaching
  • HR by Design – 12 week capability program for HR teams
  • In-house workshops and presentations
  • Building a High Performing Culture with REACH
  • Performance, leadership and capability design
  • Coaching for individuals and teams
  • Interim executive HR services
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Make the time to speak with an experienced HR professional and we’ll teach you how to lead, evolve, achieve and prosper in business today.

What our clients’ say

Case studies

Coaching for a new executive – IMPACT 100 case study

Coaching for a new executive – IMPACT 100 case study

Our client, an executive who recently joined a not-for-profit organisation, approached us to receive coaching and support for his first 100 days on the job. New to the sector, our client wanted to ensure that his first 100 days with the new organisation had impact.

Independent review case study

Independent review case study

Our client’s executive committee decided to seek an independent external review of their HR function, as the business prides itself on delivering a consistent standard of disability care. The ability to attract, develop and retain a skilled workforce is critical to the continued success of the organisation.

Youi – building team synergy case study

Youi – building team synergy case study

Ensuring the investment of the new capabilities for the organisation delivered on key stakeholder expectations, it was important the newly formed team understood how to best work together so they could effectively deliver the strategic imperatives.

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