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Coaching for a new executive – IMPACT 100

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Individual coaching for a new executive

Our client, an executive who joined a not-for-profit organisation in late 2019, approached us to receive coaching and support for his first 100 days on the job.

New to the not-for-profit sector, our client wanted to ensure that his first 100 days with the new organisation had impact – building rapport and credibility with the other executives, board members and team.


Individual executive coaching that is tailored to meet the individual’s unique aspirations for growth and success.


Our client, having recently accepted an executive role with a not-for-profit, was new to this sector and wanted to hit the ground running. As their professional reputation and credibility was highly valued they enlisted the help of a coach for the first time.

Our challenge was to build trust and confidence with the executive, while helping them succeed in their first 100 days in the new role.


Sonia worked directly with the client through a tailored coaching program consisting of six sessions. The first session consisted of setting goals and priorities based on the expectations of the new role and the client’s personal aspirations, which were validated through the use of psychometric instruments. Specific psychometric tools used were the Tolerance for Ambiguity ‘I AM’ assessment and REACH Leadership Profile.


The client has continued with Sonia’s coaching services on a monthly basis. The client achieved their goals in the first 100 days – build rapport with key stakeholders, executive and board endorsed their proposed strategy and increased their confidence in managing the uncertainty that comes with joining a new organisation.

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