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Practical & interactive leadership workshops for new senior leaders

Youi provides various retail insurance products including home, contents and car insurance. We were approached by a Youi executive who had a newly formed senior leadership team and wanted to achieve two things: help the team to get to know each other at an individual and a collective level (collective capabilities and strengths), and develop ways of working together to effectively lead their respective teams to achieve the strategic goals.

To ensure that the investment of the new capabilities for the organisation delivered on key stakeholder expectations, it was important the newly formed team understood how to best work together so that they could effectively deliver the strategic imperatives.


Interactive and practical team building sessions tailored for leadership development, growth and performance.


Sonia facilitated a series of team building workshops on ‘developing team synergy’ and ‘ways of working’ (WOW) sessions. In roundtable discussions the senior leadership team developed their own nine elements of WOW, such as communication, collaboration, making decisions and handling conflict. Following a one-on-one debrief of the results with each participant, they received a tailored report describing how to leverage their strengths and ways to flex each capability moving forward.

HR Synergy hosted two team building workshops called Developing Team Synergy and completed a Ways of Working (WOW) session – which focuses on developing the 9 elements of their WOW. This involved a round table discussion to discuss the elements, such as communication, collaboration, making decisions and handling conflict.


Working closely with the executives and Head of Learning & Development, the solution was approached by actively listening to the clients interests and objective, as it’s important to understand the needs and provide a practical solution that is tailored for the business.

Due to the urgency of the strategic and operational priorities, the team needed to learn and understand how to work in synergy across the functional areas of the team. Leveraging each other’s strengths and working ‘in sync’ with the expectations of the business.

The team were immediately able to see the strengths and expertise they bring to the group, providing clarity and focus on ways to effectively work together.


“We engaged Sonia to help a newly formed Senior Leadership team understand preferred operating and communication styles. Sonia was able to easily identify areas of strength within the team, but also where areas of real or future risk lay. Sonia quickly built a rapport with the Senior Leaders and became a confidant and quasi-coach for many of them.

Sonia has an uncanny ability to adapt to individual and group dynamics, which means that she is able to challenge constructively and swiftly uncover root causes to people-centred issues. Sonia’s experience allows her to apply knowledge to almost any scenario and industry you could imagine.”

Deb Kraft, Chief People Officer – Youi

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